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City paper model

Footy class sail boat kit

Free Flags

Rubber band gun

Master of ship hulls

Pond yacht series

1:12 doll boat

1:12 doll boat accessories

polystone radio

Polystone Paper Weight

latest product


demo product mobiles


demo laser product

Laser cut series


Production House

demo current product

Current product

outlet store

Outlet Store

1991 award


Free DIY Parts for Bit Char-g and 1:12 Scale Cutouts.  

free blue print

Free Blue Print

free label  

Free Label


Free 1:12 Paper Models and Cutouts

Free Desktop Applications for Free Download.  

demo model boat

Model Boat


our latest prototype

On the way Prototype

free dxf file

Free DXF file

Something about Chinese Art.  

demo free true type font for download


demo free paper cutting for download

Paper cutting

demo free screen saver for download

Free Screen Saver

demo free Chinese Recipes for download

ebooks for Chinese Cooking

demo free Cooking Tips FAQ for download

Cooking Tips FAQ  in big5 code

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guest book

Guest Book



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