Welcome to Demo Footy Section -  designers and builders for Footy class remote control racing yachts.

Demo Company is in the early stages of developing a small range of 'footy' class
Balsa wooden model sail boat kits which suit for standard r/c installations.

Deciding to attempt you first scratch built ship is both thrilling and daunting. If you've
reached this point, you've already experienced some of the hobby's intense satisfaction.
For this satisfaction to continue, you'll have to choose your first scratch built project wisely.

These will be divided into two categories:

Scratch built

This will feature large scale 1:12 models of well known sail yacht of the 1900s and 1960's. 

The kits will be of wood construction with all major parts CNC router cut.

Unlike the original kits of this period these kits will be complete with fittings in white
metal or photo etched brass as appropriate.

Although the kits may be displayed as static models, they are being designed as working
models and will be suited to radio control. 

Care is being taken in the design to simplify the problems of lining up the sail winding and
rudder and also to ensure that the construction of the kits is well within the capabilities
of the average modeller. Most of them can be finished within a week end.

Painting time is not counted since this procedure is depended on the weather condition.

R/C Racing Yacht

These kits will be models of twentieth century era. 

They will be of plank on frame construction with wooden parts CNC router cut.

These kits will also be completed with fittings and sails.

Get started today¡K call us for a dealer pack to learn how you can start improving your gross 
margin dollars per square foot in your store with our products on your shelf.

For more information, please contact Mak, Sui Shing mailto: demomakss@hotmail.com


Wing Shape Keel Ballast

Front view

Wing Shape Ballast designed for GBR 107

Lead weight about 180g

2 to 5% faster than torpedo type keel ballast but cause under steering:(


Wash hands after contact lead metal.

Limited Edition (no coating)

only 50 pcs available.

US$5.00 for two pcs. sold out

2 positive degree

Setting for breeze:

2 positive degree

for breeze.

5 positive degree

Setting for strong wing:

5 positive degree

for strong wing.



Amazing in Steering.

An extreme footy class model sail boat design. Please click for 1.4mb video.

click to download ASF video file 05 mb.




"Blue Moon" fty004 is under develop.


" Wily I "  fty003_I is installed two rudders.

Demo are sincerely looking for the wholesaler in your country.

Every Footy Class Sail Boat Chinese Poon wood kit set boat has her excellent sailing
performance video clips and fine detailed aspect photos on each web page.

With careful operational check, every Footy Class Sail Boat provided by us has the
same excellent performance as shown on the video clips.

We specially tailored every Footy Class Sail Boat to a real high speed boat enthusiasts.

Welcome your order!

Old model "Wily" fty003 is no longer in production.

Registered in Great Britain GBR107.

Built to fit within the international "footy" class rule for yachts 30cm long,
"footy" is also suited as a hand craft.

Lightweight and strong,  the "footy" is detailed in its simplicity of design,
form following function!

Footy class sailboat for r/c, a sailboat in 12 inches (30cm) long.
"My Footy" fty001 on testing with various sail design. She will be transformed into a Balmain Bug type sail model boat with unlimited sail area.

¡@Other new project "Sowsear" fty002. We are still working on it.

¡@ ¡@

You are always welcome to request additional details about your boat!

Please visit regularly for updates or contact me.

Contact us to Order, or for any other reason at all!

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