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Free Chinese Paper Cutting Patterns with Mandarin phonetic transcription.

chinese paper cutting pattern

Happy Chinese New Year, Year of the Rabbit.


Our Chinese Paper Cutting Pattern is intended to be printed at 7.5  by 10 inches
(190.5mm x 254mm), so it should print correctly on A4 size sheets of 40-60 gram per
square meter.

Cutting is straight forward, with only some lines are needing to be scored.
No assembly work is needed with the printed side facing out.

Please let me know if you find any problem while building this model, or if you enjoyed
building it as much as I enjoyed designing it. A photo of your build would also be welcome.
You can send me email here:

~ 麥穗成  Mak, Sui Shing~

FREE for non-commercial use.

Please note that the files are in pdf format (A4 size) and are compatible with the vast majority 
of imaging software.

 We are using free uploader service, it takes a while to download our files. :( 

Tips for Construction

1. The construction of the model is made clear mainly by the pictures.

2. Before the parts are cut out. Use an implement such as a used ball-point
pen to score lines in the paper to make careful mountain folds and valley folds.

3. As glue use an all-purpose adhesive or wood-glue.

4. The model is constructed in the order of the circle white with black numbers.
Circle black with white numbers show which parts are stuck together or onto each other.

Click for Year Rabbit 2011rabbitv2.pdf

Year Rabbit 2011Paper Cutting Pattern 

Click for PaperCut298v1.pdf

12 Christmas Ornament Papercut Patterns for Kids 2011 Update


Click for PaperCut297v2.pdf

12 雪花 snowflake designs 


Click for PaperCut295v1.pdf

點[dian] 解[jie]! What For!

     點[dian] 解[jie]! What For! paper cut pattern

Click for PaperCut294v1.pdf

太[tai] 容[rong] 易[yi] 了[liao] ! Too Easy!

     太[tai] 容[rong] 易[yi] 了[liao] ! Too Easy! paper cut

Click for PaperCut293v1.pdf

看[kan] 我[wo] 的[di] ! My Turn

     看[kan] 我[wo] 的[di] ! My Turn

Click for PaperCut292v1.pdf

遊歷[youli] 世界[shijie] travel around the world

     遊歷[youli] 世界[shijie] travel around the world

Click for PaperCut290.pdf

街頭[jietou] 打架[dajia] Street Fight

     街頭[jietou] 打架[dajia] Street Fight

Click for PaperCut289.pdf

投籃[toulan] Shooting a basketball

     投籃[toulan] Shooting a basketball

Click for PaperCut288.pdf

特[te] 立[li] 獨[du] 行[xing] 者[zhe]


Click for PaperCut287v1.pdf

Click for PaperCut287bv1.pdf

Click for PaperCut287cv1.pdf

我們[women] Our 的[di] 海洋[haiyang] Ocean 吊飾 Mobile

Our ocean   Our ocean B 

Click for PaperCut285v1.pdf

交通意外[jiaotongyiwai] 現場[xianchang]

鏡頭[jingtou] 貳[er] Traffic accident scene (shot 2)

吊飾 Mobile

Traffic accident scene (shot 2) 

Click for PaperCut284v1.pdf

交通意外[jiaotongyiwai] 現場[xianchang]

鏡頭[jingtou] 壹[yi] Traffic accident scene (shot 1)

吊飾 Mobile

Traffic accident scene (shot 1) 

Click for PaperCut283v1.pdf

就像從前一樣 Yesterday once more 吊飾 Mobile

Yesterday once more Mobile 

Click for PaperCut282v1.pdf

理髮[lifa] Haircut 吊飾 Mobile

Haircut Mobile 

Click for PaperCut281v1.pdf

夏天[xiatian] Summer 吊飾 Mobile

Summer Mobile 

Click for PaperCut280v1.pdf

在那裡? Where is it? 吊飾 Mobile

 Where is it? Mobile 

Click for PaperCut279v1.pdf

"您好! Hi!"
"您好! Hi!"

吊飾 Mobile


Click for PaperCut278v1.pdf

整潔 Neat and tidy 吊飾 Mobile

Neat and tidy Mobile 

Click for PaperCut277v1.pdf

可否賞面? May I? 吊飾 Mobile

May I? Mobile 

Click for PaperCut276v1.pdf

進化 Evolution 吊飾 Mobile

Evolution Mobile 

Click for PaperCut274-275v1.pdf

過去的好時光! The Good Old Days! 吊飾 Mobile

The Good Old Days! Mobile 

Click for PaperCut268-273v2.pdf

小心點!吊飾 Watch Out! 吊飾 Mobile

Watch Out! Mobile


Click for PaperCut265-267v2.pdf

晚膳吊飾 Dining 吊飾 Mobile

Dining Mobile 烤雞 Roast Chicken paper Cutting pattern餐具 Cutlery paper Cutting pattern咖啡 Coffee paper Cutting pattern

Click for PaperCut262-264v1.pdf

Patterns for The Year of Rabbit

玉兔 Jade Rabbit paper Cutting patternTo Bring in Wealth and Treasure paper Cutting pattern2011 Rabbit paper Cutting pattern

Click for papercut001 to papercut135 >>

Click for PaperCut136 to PaperCut261v1>>

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