R/C Model Boat Building.

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Most of them are our experimental projects not for sale, Sorry :) .
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This page is dedicated to work completed and in progress,
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The making of a paper sampan.

An experimental biomimetics.

1:12 Philippine Banca, ready for fitting out and decoration.

Antenna tip protector.

Thailand long tail engine.

Shanty Houseboat.

sampan in motion

Sampan in motion with sound module.

Footy Class r/c model boat.

Free Fai Chun for the year of Rat.


1:12 r/c sail yacht.

Missile under construction.

Footy class model sail boat

GBR registered.

Pop Pop Steam Engine

18" x 8" inches Work Mule.

The Shuttle Looping.

Tension Scale for rigging.

The Re-construction of The Dinghy.

It is not a boat, it is a 

Cockroaches Terminator


I'm loving it


Hong Kong Made Submarine 7_B

Hong Kong Made
Submarine 7_B

German Submarine U-571

German Submarine U-571

sampan under construction

Sampan under re-construction.

pla kaifeng destroyer

Luda-class guided missile destroyer

auto surface and dive

My dream since I was a child.


House boat with over detail.


"Roadster", I wish she can work along the seaside.

big wheel re-union

Three vehicles combined together to form a "Heavy Metal Big Wheel".

the making of an alligator

"Alligator", she is one of my sketch built model, and also my first paddled boat.

carrier for my model

"Carrier", it serves well for all my projects.

out board motor construction

"Out Board", my experiment in engine construction. The "Out Board" will be installed later for another testing.

under construction model boat

Projects under construction.

dingly steering without rudder

Another successful application in "Steering without Rudder".

anchor study

"Anchor Study", testing various type of anchor construction.

modelboat fans of hong kong

Model boat fans in Hong Kong, all walk of life.

modelboat pool in hong kong

Model Boat Pool in Hong Kong and their locations.

free screensaver for modelboat fans

Free Screensaver , it serves only one subject "Boat".

kayak installed steering with rudder system kayak installed steering with rudder system

My first testing in "Steering without rudder" mechanism. More than my expectation.

sampan, my next project

She should be my next sketch built model.

a mini sub

She sounds interesting to me.

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