People's Liberation Army Navy

Luda-class guided missile destroyer


kaifeng and the kids



Click to enlarge 320x240


Missile launcher

Re-construct those detail.

Anti-aircraft gun

antiaircraft gun Added more details for those guns.



rubber 1) The one on the right is a normal size for scale model.
2) The one on the left is a enlarged rudder for r/c usage.
It has a double surface size than the scale model.
2.1) The size of the rudder will be changed according to
the usage of the craft. For speedboat such as destroyer,
I will enlarge the size from 1.5x to 2.0x.
for slow speed boat, the size will be 1.3x to 1.5x.

motor whaleboat

motor whaleboat 1) Clear those window.
2) Hand rails, rubber and propeller will be added.

Hull reconstruction


hull reconstructionoriginal construction

1) Relocate those fins stabilizer.
2) Portlights are drilled.



bow on the hull


home made bow sandersandpaper

My perfect sander:

1) I use three grit number of sandpaper, they are 
#400, #1500, #2000

2) Home made bow type sander
a 1/8" diameter bronze wire which bend into a bow shape.

3) Cut the Sandpaper into the required width, and stick together by hot melt glue.

Usage of the sander:
This sander is especially good for some curve surface.



tips 001 Dissolve some runner of the injection parts by thinner,
so that we can get a colored thinner. It is an ideal cement for sticking plastic parts.

The proportion of the runner is around 5-10% in volume to the thinner.


the bilingual instruction A bilingual assembly instruction.

Chinese and English only.

The packing

the box The measurement:

74 x 25 x 7.5 cm


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