Master Cai's Work


Walla Walla  boat plan in pdf format.

A 1:12 wooden hull will be produced shortly.

Springer side profile in pdf format, quick and easy,

no paper work is needed.


1:12 Thailand long tail engine.

There is a room for 380 motor and 4mm shaft.

Fiber glass ship hulls in limited edition

18 inches x 8 inches Work Mule.

Tailor make super structure and fittings.

Click to enlarge 320x240 Description
Master of ship hull in limited edition

Those  fiber glass ship hulls are limited to produce 100pcs, each carry Demo guarantee.

Demo Company was founded in 1997. With THE TAILOR MADE COLLECTION you can buy with peace of mind.

The Tailor made Collection's fiber glass model ship hull, model ship fittings and accessories have been designed and selected with care and attention to detail.

Please send me an e-mail for order your fiber glass ship hull.



Product No: TM006
length: 123cm
beam: 65cm
depth: 9.5cm
Product No: TM005
length: 96cm
beam: 15.8cm
depth: 9cm
Product No: TM004
length: 92cm
beam: 11.5cm
depth: 7.2cm
Product No: TM003
length: 91cm
beam: 11.5cm
depth: 6.5cm
Product No: TM002
length: 95cm
beam: 16cm
depth: 8.7cm
Product No: TM001
length: 83cm
beam: 14cm
depth: 7cm
The vessel is almost ready to make her maiden r/c voyage.
We use fiberglass mold to produce such grace fiberglass ship hull.
The bow (Port side).
The amidships.
The aft.
The stern.
The bow (Starboard side).
The Starboard side.

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