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2010.05.07 1:1 New born chick paper model V2.
2010.04.19 1:5 Lacquer wine flask paper model,
Western Han dynasty (202BC-AD8).
2010.04.18 1:12 Table and Stool, 1:1 New born chick paper model.
2010.01.19 Happy Chinese Lunar New Year.
2009.10.03 Paper golden fish lantern.
2009.08.24 1:1000 cargo ship.
2009.08.20 1:1 Calendar in China blue.
2009.08.18 1:1 Calendar for 2010.
2009.08.04 1:1 Sliced Strawberry paper model.
2009.07.14 1:12 Poker paper model.
2009.07.06 1:1 Cake paper model.
2009.06.27 Master Craftsman Cai's Work.
2009.06.11 Butterflies of Hong Kong S.A.R..
2009.06.10 Tide, Sun rise and Sun Set time table.
2009.06.08 1:12 Steering Station in pdf format.
2009.06.02 Stunt Lure.
2009.04.01 Pizza, buy 2 get 1 free!!
2009.03.27 1:12 Plimsoll Line.
2009.01.25 Renew New Chinese Paper Patterns.
2009.01.17 New patterns for Year of the Ox. Cheers!
2009.01.15 Hong Kong Butterfly.
2009.01.03 1:12 Cooking Utensil.
2008.12.26 Albert Einstein paper model.
2008.12.23 1:12 Philippine Banca.
2008.12.21 Antenna tip protector.
2008.12.19 Charlie Chaplin paper model.
2008.12.17 Wing type keel ballast for footy sail boat
2008.12.16 Water skiing craft.
2008.12.16 Snowman paper model.
2008.12.13 A bowl of noodle paper model.
2008.12.07 Flower, Plant and Sun Glass.
2008.12.01 Santa Claus paper model.
2008.11.21 Clown paper model.
2008.10.31 Barack_Obama paper models.
2008.10.15 1:12 Board Games paper models.
2008.10.01 Paper models for Halloween :)
2008.09.17 Scale 1:12 Dim Sum, Noodle and Take A Way.
2008.09.15 Paper models for Mid-Autumn Festival.

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